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Excerpts from this DVD on Youtube.

Nottingham Trams, Scenes from the routes to Hucknall, Phoenix Park, Clifton South and Toton Lane. The modern tramway system in Nottingham is operated by Tramlink Nottingham, on behalf of Nottingham Express Transit, the owners of the line. The first route from Station Street in central Nottingham to Phoenix Park and Hucknall was opened on 9th March 2004 and the lines from Nottingham Station  to Clifton South and Toton Lane were opened on 25th August 2015. Part 1 of this DVD was filmed between 2005 and 2015 and features scenes from the Phoenix Park and Hucknall routes. Part 2 features scenes from the Clfton South and Toton Lane routes, mostly filmed on the first day of public service, 25th August 2015, there are some scenes of the trams being tested earlier in 2015. The trams in use on the routes are of 2 types, there are 15 Bombardier Incentro trams that were built for the start of services in 2004 and there are 22 Alstom Citadis 302 delivered in  2013-2015 for the new routes. Some of the Incentro trams carry all over advertising liveries but the Citadis 302 trams are all so far in the silver, black and green fleet livery. Widescreen, PAL (UK) system, total running time 75 minutes. Subtitles, no commentary, enjoy the sights and sounds of Nottingham trams.

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