The Trams Of Paris - Les Trams de Paris

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Excerpts from this DVD on Youtube.

Modern trams were introduced to Paris in 1992 with the opening of line T1 in the northern suburbs of the city. Since then a further 8 routes have opened, all in the suburbs, complementing the extensive Metro and RER (Regional Railways) networks in the city. This DVD features scenes from all the tram routes including lines T5 and T6 which are operated by Translohr rubber tyred trams using a central guide rail. The other lines T1, T2, T3a, T3b, T4, T7, and T8 use conventional trams of various types, the more recent being Alstom Citadis 5 section and 7 section articulated cars, the earlier trams, now only on line T1 are of the French standard type which have a low floor section. This DVD was filmed in 2015 and shows the trams in service at many different locations. Total running time 75 minutes, PAL (UK) system. No commentary, subtitles, enjoy the sounds and scenes of trams in Paris.

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