Trams In And Around Berlin

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Horse tram operation in Berlin started on 22nd June 1865, the 150th anniversary of this event was celebrated on the 27th/28th June 2015 with a display of historic and modern trams at the Lichtenberg depot and workshops of Berliner Verkehrsbetreibe, the BVG, the operator of the trams, buses, and U-Bahn in Berlin. This DVD features the heritage tram service operated for the event on 27th/28th June plus the parade of trams from Licktenberg to Berlin city centre on the 28th. The 2nd part of the DVD features modern trams in service in the city centre and suburbs of Berlin and part 3 features the following tramway systems in the greater Berlin area: Potsdam, Schöneiche-Rüdersdorf (the only metre gauge line in the Berlin area), Woltersdorf Straßenbahn and Strausberg Eisenbahn. Both Schöneiche-Rüdersdorf and Woltersdorf use second hand trams from the 1950's and 1960's and are coutry tramways linkingvillages and small towns. Total running time 75 minutes, PAL (UK) system. No commentary, subtitles, enjoy the sounds and scenes of the trams in and around Berlin.

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