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Excerpts from theis DVD on Youtube.​

At the beginning of 2004 there were more than 600 Routemaster buses still in service in London, by the end of 2005 they had all been replaced except for a few kept for running on heritage routes 9 and 15. This DVD features film of Routemasters in central London in 2004 and also film of the surviving routes 13, 14, 22, 38 and 159 taken in 2005. The final days of Routemaster operation of routes 14, 22, 38 and 159 also featured many older buses in service which can be seen in addition to the regular service Routemasters. Scenes from the last journey of RM2217 from Marble Arch to Brixton Garage on route 159 on the 9th December 2005 are shown, the bus being cheered on its way by crowds of onlookers. Finally there are some scenes from the heritage routes 9 & 15, now the only surviving Routemaster operations in London. Wide screen PAL (UK) system. Running time 80 minutes. No commentary, subtitles, enjoy the sights and sounds of London's Routemasters in their final years of service. Price includes post/packing to UK addresses.

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