The Trams Of Central Europe

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This DVD features the trams and trolleybuses of the 4 capital cities of central Europe: Prague in the Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungary, Vienna in Austria and Bratislava in Slovakia. All these cities have extensive tramway systems, 3 of the 4 cities were formerly part of the eastern bloc where tram manufacture was state controlled. The trams manufactured by the Tatra company in Czechoslovakia were sold all over central and eastern Europe and can still be seen in large numbers in the former communist states. Prague, Budapest and Bratislava are all large users of Tatra trams although more recent deliveries have been from Skoda (Prague) and Seimens (Budapest). Vienna has however always bought Austrian built trams, the only exception being 2nd hand trams from New York in 1949. This DVD is divided into 4 chapters: 1: Prague, featuring Tatra T3, T3R - T3's rebuilt with low floor section, T6, KT8 and Skoda 14t and 15T types. 2: Budapest, featuring Ganz trams, ex Hannover Deuwag TW6000, Tatra T5's running in pairs or threes, Seimens Combino NF12b's, plus trolleybuses. 3: Vienna, Class E1/E2 articulated trams plus C class trailers, ULF types A & B built by SGP-Seimens from 1995. The trams of the Wiener Lokalbahn also feature, this interurban line runs to Baden but uses Wiener Linien tracks to reach the city centre. A visit to the tramway museum at Erdberg is also included. 4: Bratislava, Tatra trams of T3 and T6 are featured plus the K2R articulated trams rebuilt in the late 1990's from earlier Tatra trams. Subtitles, no commentary, enjoy the sights & sounds of big city trams. Wide screen, PAL(UK) system, running time 75 minutes.

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