Trams & Light Railways Of Belgium Part 2

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Excerpts from this DVD on Youtube.​

Scenes from the tramways of the Belgian cities of Charleroi, Gent and Antwerp. Part 1 features the light metro of Charleroi, the city centre loop was completed in 2012, it includes trams in tunnels, on viaducts, ramps and street level running. The route to Gosselies was reopened in 2013 and features modern street track, the route to Anderlues has the last ex Vicinal roadside tramway in Belgium. Part 2 features the trams of the historic city of Gent, very much street based but with modern extensions in the suburbs. Part 3 features Antwerp, despite the construction of 2 tram subways there are still many on street tram routes in the city centre plus modern extensions in the suburbs. Wide screen , PAL (UK) system, total running time 75 minutes.

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