Trams & Light Railways Of Belgium Part 4

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Excerpts from this DVD on Youtube.​

1st May 2014 was the 100th anniversary of the opening of tram route 81 and to celebrate this event the Brussels tram museum ran a number of heritage trams in service alongside the regular trams on the section of the route from Place Montgomery to Place Bara. Part 1 of this DVD shows scenes from this day and features the heritage trams plus the regular trams of the 7900 series that normally operate on route 81. A couple of low floor trams were also operating, these types do not normally operate on this route. Part 2 of this DVD features scenes from the Brussels city tramways covering areas of the city not included in Part 1 of 'Trams & Light Railways of Belgium', this includes Fort Jaco, Van Haelen, Uccle, Stalle, Vanderkindere, Churchill, Legrand, Ban Eik, and Esplanade. Brussels tramways feature traditional street running, reserved track on wide boulevards plus tram subway operation, all of which can be seen on this DVD. Wide screen, PAL (UK) system, subtitles, no commentary, enjoy the sights & sounds of Brussels trams, total running time 75 minutes.

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