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Scenes from the Stagecoach Supertram routes from Meadowhall Interchange, Halfway/Herdings Park, Middlewood/Malin Bridge, the Rotherham tram-train, plus a chapter on Sheffield trams in preservation. The South Yorkshire tramway system opened between 21st March 1994 to 23rd October 1995. Stagecoach PLC purchased South Yorkshire Supertram Ltd from the PTE in December 1997 and has the concession to operate and maintain the system until 2024. The ownership of the track and the infrastructure remains with South Yorkshire PTE. Much of the system is on reserved track but there are considerable amounts of street running on the Halfway and Middlewood routes. The trams is use from the opening of the system are 3 section articulated units built by Siemens-Duewag in Germany. The Rotherham tram-train service opened on 25th October 2018, Vossloh-Stadler have supplied 7 of their 3 section Citylink type trams, 4 of which are for the tram-train line, 3 are for use on the rest of the system. This DVD is divided into 4 chapters:

Part 1: The route from Meadowhall to Middlewood and Malin Bridge via the city centre.

Part 2: The route from Halfway to the city centre, including the branch to Herdings Park.

Part 3: The tram-train route from Cathedral in the city centre to Rotherham.

Part 4: Sheffield trams in preservation.

Subtitles, no commentary, mostly wide screen, PAL UK system, running time 76 minutes.

Excerpts from this DVD can be seen on Youtube:


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