Trams In Poland, Upper Silesia & Kraków.

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Part 1 of this DVD features the interurban tramway system in Upper Silesia, Poland Today the system connects the 13 cities in the region from Gliwice and Zabrze in the west to Katowice, Chorzów and Bytom in the centre and north, to Sosnowiec, Zagórze, and Myslovice in the east. Upper Silesia is a former heavy industry region, the tramway system was developed in the late C19th and early C20th centuries to provide transport for the workers in the mines, steelworks etc. The tram fleet is of great interest with a substantial number of Polish built Konstal 105 trams still in operation, some of which have been modernised with rebuilt bodywork, plus low floor articulated trams of several different types introduced in 2000. There are currently 178 km of track on which there are 28 routes in operation. This tramway is one of the great survivors and although some lines have closed in the past, route extensions and modernisation of the infrastructure are now in progress.

Part 2, Trams in Kraków, Poland. This city has a large tramway system with 25 routes operated over 97 km of track. The tram fleet consists of about 380 cars, 160 of which are low floor articulated trams delivered since 2000. There is also a substantial museum fleet, some of which operate on a heritage route in the summer.

Total running time 70 minutes, PAL (UK) system. Subtitles, no commentary, enjoy the sights and sounds of trams in Poland.


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