Transport In Dresden, Germany.

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Public transport in the German city of Dresden is provided by Dresdener Verkehrsbetriebe, the DVB.

There are 12 tram routes linking the suburbs with the city centre, plus a number of bus routes mainly

in the suburbs. The DVB also operates the Schwebebahn suspended funicular, the Standseilbahn

funicular railway, plus some ferries that cross the River Elbe. This DVD features the following:

Part 1: Dresden Tram 150, September 2022 was the 150th anniversary of the first horse tramway

in the city, the DVB put on a display of historic trams in the city centre.

Part 2: Trams and buses in the city centre, scenes filmed in the busy city centre, there are 166

modern low floor trams and about 170 buses in the DVB fleet.

Part 3: Trams and Buses in the suburbs of Dresden, all of the tram routes are cross city services,

some of the outer termini are several miles from the city centre.

Part 4: The Schwebebahn, this suspended funicular connects Loschwitz, on the North side of the

river Elbe, with Oberloschwitz, 84m above.

Part 5: The Standseilbahn, this line is a conventional funicular that connects Loschwitz with

Weisser Hirsch, 94m above.

Total running time 75 minutes, PAL (UK) system. Subtitles, no commentary, enjoy the sights and

sounds of trams, buses and funicular railways in Dresden.

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