Transport Events & Bus Running Days 12, 2023 Part 3.

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This DVD features various transport events and bus running days that took place in the summer and autumn of 2023, they are as follows: Volks Electric Railway 140th anniversary 12th August 2023, Lodge's Coaches of High Easter, Essex, bus rally 20th August 2023, Metrobus 40th anniversary, Orpington garage open day 23rd September 2023, Chesham Classic Bus Running Day 1st October 2023, Isle of Wight bus museum 'Wightrider' event, 15th October 2023. Many interesting buses (and trains) took part in these events and can be seen in this DVD.

Subtitles, no commentary, wide screen, PAL UK system, running time 68 minutes. Enjoy the sights and sounds of buses and trains of yesterday and today.

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